America at Work

I have this small problem, I either watch or read the news several times a day for many reasons. and this is one of them. I found this on the website and I must admit these images in this gallery are amazing and fabulous look in the past.

All of these images were taken in or around 1942 and this article explains how the photographer went about setting up the shot and what they went through to get that shot.

Well worth  spending time reading the news if you ask me !

Happy shooting

ANZAC Day Memorial Services

There will be no post today as I will be attending ANZAC Day Dawn Services to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

On a head stone in France, this is engraved on Private Ball’s head stone by his family.

“I have fought and died in the war to end all wars. Have I died in vain ?”.

Lest We Forget

For a greater understanding of ANZAC Day, please click here