My First WordPress Story

WordPress has released Stories, and its about time. Instagram and Facebook have had this feature available for some time. Learning how to get the most out of the stories is the next challenge and hopefully I will be able to share more in the future.

Would love to know your thoughts on my story and others, until next time happy shooting

My Self Portrait

I recently wrote a post about 7 NYE resolutions that will help you as a photographer to develop, hopefully over the next 12 months, well I decided to undertake one of the ideas that I talk about in the post, A Self Portrait Project and see what I come up with, if you want to read more about those resolutions I blogged about, click Here and if you are considering a 365 day project over the next 12 months, you may want to check out this two part series (Part 1 & Part 2) on the 365 day project written by Takahiro Yamamoto as it may provide you some insights as to what you are going to be doing plus these two posts contain some great tips to help you keep going, and also this morning I received an email from WordPress talking about the Project 365 and they have been kind enough to provide links to 8 inspiring blogs from people who have been doing it for the last 12 months. If that project is something that you are considering, these links are definitely well worth checking out.

I must admit that I have had fun doing this Self Portrait Project and I will continue with it throughout the year to improve my photography and how I direct people when they are in front of the camera because now I have a better understanding of how daunting or even scary it can be being in front of the camera. Everything that I have used in these shots is stuff that I have found lying around, Some of these shots are good and some are not but that’s the idea, to improve your photography. So these are the Self Portrait photos that I have taken over the last few days.

This is my profile photo that I use on the majority of social media platforms such as Google +, cough Facebook muttered under my breath, here on the blog. This photo is really what got me started with the Self Portrait project and as per usual, these ideas sooner or later develop a life of their own.

So give it a go, honestly what’s the worst thing that can happen, you may improve your photography without you knowing it.

Happy Shooting

Not a Welcome Message After All.

This didn’t turn out as I originally had intended. I set up a Google+ business page and thought I would post a Welcome message.

I decided not to post it on Google but rather post it here instead and I remembered why before I hit the Publish Button.

Welcome to the Thief Images Google+ page.

It has taken some time to set up as I am not that good at using or even setting up these kinds of pages, quite frankly I get rather frustrated with it all. You should have seen me setting up the Thief Images Facebook page but as I keep getting advised (told) that Social Media such as Google +, Twitter, Facebook etc is necessary to have these days as it is one of the best ways to promote your business.

My wife also asked me “Why am I using a photo of myself and not my logo?”. There are two answers to that and the first one and to me the most important one is that I am Thief Images, I am the photographer, the Owner, the Accountant, the Social Media Team, The Point of Contact for it all, etc, etc. So why not a photo of me.

The second reason is because the Thief Images logo is being updated. It needs to be me, it needs to represent what Thief Images is about which is Stealing those precious moments in Life !, It needs to be modern, and it needs to scream Photographer, and it needs to be memorable. Not much to ask of the team designing it.

Now I have to ask, how much Social Media is to much. I mean lets take stock of what I actually have at present, Obviously a Facebook page, a Google Plus page  and both of these require you to have a personal page as well if you want a business page. The downside to Facebook is that you get friend requests from people that you didn’t like when you met them, and now all of a sudden they request that you be friends with them, and I don’t care what they had for dinner or how their day was. At least with my personal Google+ page I can put them into a circle labelled, “I don’t like them!”. There’s Twitter which restricts you to 140 Characters or less and the question I ask is, is a space in my sentence counted as a character? I actually don’t know the answer to that one. Then there is Linkedin which allows you to network with other like minded people, and Linkedin also hold group forums on a vast number of topics which you can have updates emailed to you just like the rest of the Social Media platforms.

and the final reason why I decided to get “Online” was for my blog because I figured that this is where I could express myself, let the creative juices flow, read other peoples blogs and interact with them or readers of my blog through the comments posted and I like it. I spend days thinking about posts, some days I will have three or four on the go and then all of a sudden none for a week or more.

So where do you draw the line with it all. You could possibly spend so much time just keeping these up to date that you could forget about your core business and in my case being a photographer. But here’s the conundrum, the Gen Y as they are called use Social media to communicate with everyone. They organise parties, shopping trips, meet ups, business meetings and the list goes on. So if I or anyone else who has a service to offer needs to be on these Social Media Platforms to be able to promote yourself and reach out to potential customers or clients that Gen Y has to offer. Gen Y don’t reach for a phone book, they reach for their PC mouse to log on to Facebook to get recommendations.

So where does Social Media become to much?. What I have signed myself up to is only using all of my Social Media for no more than 2 hours a day otherwise I will either spend my day/ evening sitting in front of my PC banging away on the keyboard and not doing what I should be doing. Being a photographer and a Creative Genius.

But it all gets just a little worse, rumour on the street is that Microsoft is also working a Social Media Platform. I have no other information than just that and I do really hope the rumour is false.

Do we really need another Social Media Platform?, I certainly don’t, I don’t have enough time in the day to deal with more Social Media.

Oh, if you were wondering, I decided not to post this to the Thief Images Google+ page was because it used to Promote my Business, not contemplate my Navel.

World Press Photo 2011

I like the world press photos when they come out every year. All of the images are amazing and I wonder how does a photographer get himself into the right place at the right time to capture these amazing images. The taking of these images must come at some degree of danger to the photographer because not all are in hospitable countries or the environment is inhospitable to the photographer.

All I can say is well done to all the photographers and World Press Photo for showing us these amazing images.

Well, this one comes with a warning to, some of these images are quite graphic and some of you out there may find them disturbing, so if you are feeling a little queazy at the site of blood, do not click the image below. You have been warned.


What Theme Do I Need?

I was looking through the Daily Post tags and ended up looking at other people’s blogs. What I noticed is that people used some really nice themes and they seemed simple and easy to navigate around. I wondered how these people found these Themes that suited them and their needs or did they simply start with the first one they signed up with and then ditched it later for something better. I just didn’t know.

After much mulling over several brews (coffee’s), I had a good look at mine and I must say that I was a little disappointed by what I found. I don’t think that theme that I was using had functionality, was user friendly or even portrayed what I was trying to achieve with this blog.

Once I had decided that I needed an update on the Theme, came the problem of spending ages, and I do mean ages, looking for that right Theme. It’s like buying a new car, you want to take it for a test ride, make sure the kids have enough room in the back, easy to use and the wife can drive it with ease (no large blind spots and she doesn’t need a ladder to get in and out because you decided that you wanted a 6 inch lift kit on that new truck), not that my wife will be posting to this blog or driving my new truck!

After test driving a few like Pilcrow and Modularity Lite , I decided on the Twenty Ten theme. It certainly gave me the impression that it could provide me with what I needed.

CSS and HTML is something that I will not even attempt to understand and I am not sure that I want to know what they stand for either. I do remember writing computer code at school for games many, many years ago but that was as far as I ever got with it. I will not even attempt to write or read CSS or HTML as I fear that I will crash the servers for an extended period.

I ended up buying the car (theme) that I enjoyed the most when I test drove it, it suited my needs, it’s got cup holders as well and the wife should have no problems driving it either but is that the theme that I really need ?