Slippery Rocky Surface – A Photo Challenge

I have been an avid observer for some time for the Tuesday photo challenge on Dutch Goes the Photo however hitting the required timeline has been problematic. I mean its not that hard, the subject/topic is released on Tuesday and must be submitted by Sunday but I keep getting those two mixed up.

EmptyName 6

The topic released on Tuesday was surface and with that in mind I dug through the photos that have been taken in the last month or so and found this little gem of a slippery rocky surface that fits the requirements for the photo challenge.

Do you like photo challenges, if so jump over to Dutch Goes the Photo and join in the fun.

Happy shooting

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Sydney Opera House

I am probably a bit late for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument but I’d rather be late than never so here is the Sydney Opera House which is lit up with various themes during the Sydney Vivid Festival and is quite an attraction for photographers who seem to be at every turn and every vantage point.