Shadows Don’t Get Old

I watched as these two old ladies walked across the Opera House forecourt happily chatting away not knowing if they were tourists or locals.


But what I did notice was that their shadows weren’t old and showed no signs of ageing.

Icons in Summer

Photographers are Eveyrwhere

Icons, they are incredibly hard to photograph. They have been photographed from nearly every angle and all hours of the day and night but I still can’t help myself photographing a famous icon such as the Sydney Opera House. The other thing that I always seem to notice is that when I┬ádo photograph these icons, there are photographers everywhere, absolutely everywhere also photographing these great icons.

Happy Shooting




Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Sydney Opera House

I am probably a bit late for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument but I’d rather be late than never so here is the Sydney Opera House which is lit up with various themes during the Sydney Vivid Festival and is quite an attraction for photographers who seem to be at every turn and every vantage point.