Market Life

Love markets, they are full of life and colour with people from all walks of life looking for that bargain or doing their weekly fruit and veggie shop. Some markets have live bands which are fantastic and most have hot food from all cultures which only brings amazing smells and sights. As I took this photo the stall vendor was being told that he had 15 minutes left before he had to close and start to pack up to leave which left him with large amounts of cooked food and a long line of unhappy customers.

A Man, His Dog and the Car

This isn’t really about a Man, his dog and the car at all but rather its all about a technique called Panning. Now panning isn’t really that hard to achieve at all and its a lot of fun trying this technique out.

So the idea with the panning technique is to try and capture motion or give the image a feel of motion, for example the car above was travelling about 50 – 60 km/h (30-40 mph). Instead of using a high shutter speed, use a slow shutter speed. The high shutter speed will freeze everything including the background and the woman in the foreground which is what you don’t want. By using a slow shutter speed and focusing on just the speeding object, in this case the car, everything except the car is blurred.

To be best positioned to attempt this technique you need to ensure that there are no street signs or shrubs in your field of view. You also need to position yourself in a safe spot to avoid being inadvertently being run over by an unseen car.

Unfortunately I deleted the images whilst trying to free up some space on my hard drive and I am unable to obtain the metadata for these images but from memory they were taken at the following settings on Full Manual:

Shutter Speed: 80

Aperture: F16

ISO: 100

White Balance: Auto

Now don’t be put off if at first you don’t succeed, try again or get a group of friends together and practice together. It can be a lot of fun and please remember your personal safety when doing this, stand on the footpath and shoot with a clear line of sight to the car.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how you went, and if you like, post a link to your photos because I would love to see them.

Happy Shooting.

POTD: The Morning Sun Peaks Over The Clouds


I have been busy photographing families and their friends recently which has prevented me from doing any personal projects. I would have to think that the perfect way to start the day is to see a sunrise like this and after seeing it, it was worthwhile being tired for the rest of the day. This one took some time to post process but the final results are pretty good.


Would love to hear your thoughts !

Twin Cats

Well, they’re not my cats and they do look like twins thats for sure and I wouldn’t like the food bill either however these two tigers would make a very good security tool, Imagine coming face to face with one of these cats when they broke in. Then again, after that you might not have to worry about the food bill for these two.

These two big cats are part of the family that live in Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. They are impressive.

Old Soldiers

Every time I go to Shorncliffe Pier, its overcast and the morning is not what its supposed to be, there is no spectacular sunrise, the only thing going in my favour is the tide but you can’t waste an opportunity especially since you got out of bed at a ridiculous hour. So you have to make the best of a bad situation.

So I started to look around to see what else I could photograph, even though I have been there many times before, I always find something new to photograph. I found the old pier legs standing upright like soldiers standing at attention.

Image Details:

ISO: 200 Focal Length: 105mm A: f5.6 Exposure time: 10 secs

Queensland Floods

The Queensland Floods have affected many thousands of people and will continue to do so for months, if not for years to come. Today, the people of Brisbane and South East Queensland have mobilised to help the people clean up. The Brisbane City Council was expecting 6000 to turn out but it has been reported that 22, 000 people have turned up, rolled their sleeves up and got stuck in. Now that’s people power !

The levee at Goondiwindi kept the Macintyre River out of the town, but the local wildlife still needed some help. Picture: Adam Head. Source: The Australian