The Friday Snap (TFS 23)

I find it impossible to not look down at train stations as there are so many colors, lines, a variety of people and at various times of the day, shadows creating contrast adding mystery to your image.

But just where is the Yellow line?

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Until next time, happy shooting

The Friday Snap (TFS 7)

I’ve blogged about this little Yellow Bus previously and as anyone who has experienced long haul flights know that stop overs can seriously suck, however they don’t have to if you wander the airport with smartphone or camera in hand seeking out photographic opportunities becomes an indoor photo walk!


Hope everyone has a great weeked.

Happy Friday

The Friday Snap (TFS 1)

We don’t print our photos any more, we don’t put them into photo albums to show family and friends nor do we have slide nights (thankfully). Now we press the digital shutter without thought or consequence, share one or two photos to our favourite social media platform and the continue on with life keeping all the photos that never made the cut.

Have you ever sat down and cleaned out or deleted the photos that are blurry, someone’s head or hand is in the frame. That’s what I did and discovered a gobsmacking number of photos stored on the phone with just over a 1000 remaining in the collection.


Putting some serious thought into what should be done with them all resulted in a idea which is to share the better photos here in a blog post called ‘The Friday Snap’. The requirement must be that they were taken using a smartphone and processed using snapseed or a similiar app.

I hope you enjoy what is to come.

Happy Shooting


The landscape changes almost every day with the seasons, the weather but this day was something special. The reflections on the still water from the clouds in the sky, the radiance from the sun trying to burst through stopped me in my tracks and appreciate what lay before me.


Happy Shooting


Crop to Improve

All of our smartphones have cameras and we take them with us every where we go which has snapping 1000’s of photos every year but have you ever wondered what could make some of those photos better?

One of the techniques available to hep improve your photos is the cropping tool. This technique can help remove unwanted distractions, assist with framing or isolate the subject from the background.


The above image was taken using a smartphone (left handed…not easy) however there are quite a lot of distractions or rubbish around the edges such as the tail of a seagulll and part of a wing. Cropping the image removes those unwanted distractions and focuses the viewer on the subject.


The result is a cleaner look, almost no distractions and the subject isolated from the background. To further improve the image, the seagull in the back ground could be cloned out using snapseed or a similar app however there was never any intention to print the image and only post to social media.

The challenge to you is to search through the gallery on your phone and try cropping an image to remove unwanted distractions and refine your image. Please post a link to your copped image in the comments below so I and others can check them out.

Happy cropping