The Friday Snap (TFS 4)

This project of sharing a photo from the gallery of my smartphone every week has been going for a month now. I’m not sure what direction the project will take me but it will only be around for as long as I have photos that are worthy of sharing.

This weeks photo is of the reflections of a small town on the waters edge. Unfortunately only a small amount of colour in the sky.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Virtual Reality Reflections

Wandering through the mall I spotted this fella enjoying himself in the virtual reality world but what attracted to me was the amount of reflections that were in the window. So I positioned myself to take a photo of people looking at me taking the photo while trying not to get my reflection in the image. Not an easy feat.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

NZ Marina reflections

As many of you might know, wordpress runs a Weekly Photo Challenge with different themes every week. I don’t often participate in the challenges but I certainly look at a lot of the photos that have been posted but this week was going to be different, I decided that I would give this weeks theme a go! I knew that I had several photos in my library with reflections in them. Ao after several hours of searching my extremely well organised photo library I couldn’t find a single photo. I knew what they looked like, I even remembered taking them but I couldn’t find one of them. Unfortunately this is the only photo that I knew where it was. I had posted it to Facebook late last year. So much for my well organised photo library and now it looks like I will be fixing my photo library so I don’t have to go through the same heartache again.