Not the real Crocodile Dundee !

Noticing this gent who was well out of place in the city was not hard. So I waited for him on the other side of the intersection for him to cross and come to me.  When he crossed I asked him if he wouldn’t if I took a photo, he didn’t mind and his female friend kept asking me if I knew who it was. It was pretty tempting to come up with some smart remark about him being someone else like Paul Hogan.

As I snapped a few shots off he kept telling me to hurry up all the while he rolled his cigarette. Either way he’s not the real Crocodile Dundee !



POTD: On the Phone

This bloke wandered up and down the street on the phone for quite some time. Out come the camera and I just waited for him to come past me again and …..snap.

Always take you camera with you everywhere you go.

Have a great week everyone

POTD: Appearing

Meet Phil. Phil is a good mate of mine that I have known for about 10 years. We kick around a fair bit in the Australian outback doing all sorts of crazy stuff but there was no fun to be had this morning as we had to start work early. It was freezing with the wind cutting through our clothes which resulted in putting more clothes on to stay warm. Didn’t help any.

I deliberately underexposed the image and had intended to make sure that it was B&W during post processing to achieve the best effect. To me, Phil looked as though he was appearing out of the darkness.

Have you ever tried to deliberately underexpose a shot to achieve a certain effect ? Would love to know if you succeeded, failed or found ways to achieve the effect without using PhotoShop.

POTD: Just Popping Next Door !

I’m just popping next door to borrow some milk and sugar, back soon !

This sheep station is massive and I would believe that its bigger than some countries, I just don’t know which ones and this is a mind blowing size of a sheep station.