Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Sydney Opera House

I am probably a bit late for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument but I’d rather be late than never so here is the Sydney Opera House which is lit up with various themes during the Sydney Vivid Festival and is quite an attraction for photographers who seem to be at every turn and every vantage point.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

NZ Marina reflections

As many of you might know, wordpress runs a Weekly Photo Challenge with different themes every week. I don’t often participate in the challenges but I certainly look at a lot of the photos that have been posted but this week was going to be different, I decided that I would give this weeks theme a go! I knew that I had several photos in my library with reflections in them. Ao after several hours of searching my extremely well organised photo library I couldn’t find a single photo. I knew what they looked like, I even remembered taking them but I couldn’t find one of them. Unfortunately this is the only photo that I knew where it was. I had posted it to Facebook late last year. So much for my well organised photo library and now it looks like I will be fixing my photo library so I don’t have to go through the same heartache again.