The Army Close Combatant

Work does pay off but you have to keep working to make that happen. You can’t simply take photos and hope they get published, you have to work at it. The above photo was taken in May this year and the Defence Material Organisation has recently released their latest news bulletin and that’s what I am doing now, working hard to meet the clients needs and requirements.

The above photo is work that has paid off for me, even though I was paid for job of shooting it for the client, its still great to see the photo in print and in this case online as well. Unfortunately I didn’t get credit it for it. It was never part of the agreement anyway but I did ask if it is possible. The client did say yes but it didn’t happen.  Since then I have picked up more work for the same client and they are happy with the results that I provided them.

With clients, you need to include them in your planning of the shoot, listen to what they say and how they want to achieve that. Work out how YOU will shoot the project for the client and if you have problems and can’t meet your deadlines that you have agreed to, get in touch with them and tell them straight.  Be honest with them, I have found that if you are honest with most clients and you tell them what the problem is and how you are going to fix it, they will accept a delay in the project but they will only ever accept them once. So you always need to be on your game, prioritise your work. Keep the client in mind at all times, that’s what they paid you to do.

Any way, its back to work for me.

Happy Shooting.

A Chook Overhead

I haven’t posted a Combat Pic in quite some time. I took this image during the fighting season in 2008 whilst on assignment as a photographer in Afghanistan. The Chinook helicopter, also called a Chook had landed and picked up Coalition Forces to extract them after an operation against the Taliban in Southern Afghanistan.

World Press Photo 2011

I like the world press photos when they come out every year. All of the images are amazing and I wonder how does a photographer get himself into the right place at the right time to capture these amazing images. The taking of these images must come at some degree of danger to the photographer because not all are in hospitable countries or the environment is inhospitable to the photographer.

All I can say is well done to all the photographers and World Press Photo for showing us these amazing images.

Well, this one comes with a warning to, some of these images are quite graphic and some of you out there may find them disturbing, so if you are feeling a little queazy at the site of blood, do not click the image below. You have been warned.


Digital Downloads Now Available ! ! ! !

Yep, that’s right, Digital Downloads are now available from Thief Images.

Digital Downloads are priced so you can download them and use them as screen savers, backgrounds or even have the professionally printed on canvas or print them on your favourite photo paper so you can have them framed to hang on your walls.

How to Download your favourite image.

obviously go to

1. Select your favourite image.

2. Click on “add to cart”

3.  The Cart opens where you can select either “Prints” or “Digital Files”.

4. Click on “Digital Files”

5. Select what size digital download you would like.

6. Proceed to Checkout and the image is automatically downloaded.

And, because I am a not only a nice guy, I have priced them to make them affordable to everyone.

Why you ask, well I am the same as you, hurting in the hip pocket, paying high costs for fuel for some unknown reason, fed up with watching governments come up with new and different ways to extract money out you (tax you) so I believe that everyone should have access to art, paintings, sculptures or prints of images for a decent and fair price, not the price where you need to go and get a bank loan ! that’s why. Oh and I am a nice guy or did I say that already.

Pretty simple, check it out.

Happy Shooting

America at Work

I have this small problem, I either watch or read the news several times a day for many reasons. and this is one of them. I found this on the website and I must admit these images in this gallery are amazing and fabulous look in the past.

All of these images were taken in or around 1942 and this article explains how the photographer went about setting up the shot and what they went through to get that shot.

Well worth  spending time reading the news if you ask me !

Happy shooting