The Sitting Surfer

Waiting Dog

Waiting Dog

He just sat on the bench and waited patiently for his owner to come back from his early morning swim.  The look on his face made me want to give the fella a pat or a scratch behind his ear but being unsure of how protective he was of his owners backpack I decided against patting him.

Grassy Sunrise

Please bare with me as I have had some major issues with blogging platforms recently and I have just switched back to (shouldn’t have left) and I’m now just reinvigorating this all new blog.

I will post an explanation as to why the new name, Bluey Photography, and why my website is called something different hopefully within a week however I’m still not sure if the name is the right one or not, and I may change it yet but I needed something to get up and running figuring that I’ll work it all out later.

Anyway for your viewing pleasure.