The Friday Snap (TFS 3)

These carousels are filled with color, light and sounds not to mention they bring back plenty of fun filled childhood memories.

Happy Friday

Just Looking Up

So many people walk around looking down, down at the ground. Maybe they don’t want to make eye contact with other people or they have dropped something and are looking for it. I’m not sure what it is but I decided that didn’t seem like a good idea. So the next time I was wandering around Sydney CBD I decided that I would make a converted effort to look up to see what was up there. Some how and I don’t really know how we ended up at Luna Park, Sydney. I had never been there before (also no idea why) and much to my surprise the place is full of colour and there is plenty to photograph.


Those eyes are always looking down at you and you look up at them as you enter the famous landmark. I’m not sure that the angle I have photographed the famous face of Luna Park at makes you want to enter or they appear to be rather creepy and will scare you away.


Who doesn’t love a ride on a Ferris wheel especially one at Luna Park. The Ferris wheel has been photographed numerous times at all times of day and night which always makes coming up with something new and unique difficult some times. Here I wanted to capture the glimpse of the sun peaking through the gap between the carriages as the wheel travelled around.


The Whirler is a ride where the very young are introduced to fear, the fear of being continually whirled around and around becomes vomit inducing with parents wondering why they gave them that last ice cream. I did like the sign because it has an old school feel to it and those eyes make me sick every time I stare at them for long enough.

DSC01704I only noticed all the things that were up higher than eye level when I deliberately and purposefully made an effort to look up and I do mean higher than the your normal store or street sign. The lesson that I learned here is that its certainly worthwhile looking up every now and then to see what is up there.


The Dark Ride

Dark Ride

Country Shows are a pretty good spot to be able to grab some shots of rides, some of the people who attend the show and some of the people who run the rides, these are normally two different types of people. There are also some opportunities to be able to do some long exposure shots of the rides as the whip around. The only problem is that you have to be willing to walk around with a heavy tripod everywhere you go, not to mention that when setting up for shots you need to be on your guard so your gear doesn’t get knocked over in the stampede.

Blurred Alley

Sideshow alley was pretty packed with people so I went in search for a side alley that might have been a little quieter to shoot some long exposures hopefully removing the crowds entirely but it wasn’t to be.

This ride (pictured below) looked pretty scary from a distance but the line up for it was massive. You could stand underneath and get a glimpse of some of the scarred kids faces as they hurtled towards earth. It was pretty funny to watch, especially when they got off the rides and usually back into the waiting arms of their friends as they now had some street cred.

I’m going to throw up !

There was fireworks later that night however due to picking up the dreaded lurgy somewhere the only thing that I really wanted was a warm bed and not the bustling, heaving crowds of a country show so we called it quits early and headed for home.

Let me off, Let me off !

So now I’m off to bed to get some rest. Happy shooting.