Sunday Snap 2

Looking for a composition whilst walking the coastline at sunset had me thinking about how to apply this weeks theme, rule of thirds. I had a composition in mind even before I left the house however I found it didn’t work due to a number of factors including people in the foreground and not able to capture the composition I wanted.


Wandering further, I discovered a couple taking photographs of the sunset and capturing silhouettes of people standing on the rock wall.

Plucking up the courage to approach to ask if they minded if they would pose for me was a little scary however after explaining about the smartphone challenge they were happy to oblige.

Happy Shooting


8 Feet

Recently at a theme park, mine and our long time friends climbed aboard a ride that shot straight up into the air, instead of photographing their expecting faces of the anticipated terror and fear I decided to shoot it differently from another angle. I figure that the good old family outing photos don’t have to be boring or even self explanatory but they can be different.

The Back Street Cook

This is an image from 2010 when I was in Bangkok. I must admit that I loved the place and would go back in a heart beat to photograph the people, the lifestyle and the colours.

I have revisited some of the images that I have taken and put them through the post processing process and the results have been quite different. I suppose that’s because I have learnt a lot not only as a photographer taking the shots but also the way I process the images in the Digital Darkroom. Now the only problem I have is that I can’t make my mind up which version I like better.

I would love to know which image you prefer.

Happy Shooting.

POTD: Green Buds

I was teaching a good friends daughters (you know who you are) how to use the older sisters camera and what they could photograph close to home. Both of the girls are incredibly energetic and are like sponges, just sucking up information as fast as I could spit it out. Both girls had a great time and I worked out that I needed the energy of a teenager to keep up with them both.

In the end I just gave them my gear and said go for it, I’m in need of a coffee and a rest. This is one of the photographs that we took throughout the day.

Have a great week everyone !