What Do You See?

Capturing scenes similar to the photo below can and will become second nature, your brain will take over triggering muscle memory bringing the camera up to eye level, compose, shoot and move whilst constantly observing the unfolding scene before you to capture the next moment, and street or documentary photography is filled with these types of moments.

Photographing protests can be a fast paced environment with constantly changing light and very little time to review the images you have captured. The photo below is one of those little gems that wasn’t realised until the memory cards had been downloaded and edited. This can at times, feel as though the scene is being viewed for the very first time resulting in an ‘Oh My’ moment.

This leaves me to ask, what did I see that caused muscle memory to take over and capture the scene. Was it the way the young lady is holding the sign and didn’t even look in my direction or is it something else.

Shy Girl with sign low res

Maybe she is being silently judged by the older woman over her right shoulder or the young woman further back who is also looking on in the same direction.

Every photo is open to interpretation by the viewer and there has been some of that on my behalf, the older woman could have been looking at me taking the photo!

I’m curious, what do you see?

Until next time, happy shooting



The Friday Snap (TFS 31)

This is typical of the majority of the Filipinos who allowed me to take their photo, they were smiling, happy and always willing to have their photos taken and with a thumbs up

BeggingShe was not shy in begging for money and every time I pointed the camera at her she shied away from being photographed until I held money next to the camera. As quick as I handed it over, it was gone and so was she.

Davao City 6Security is everywhere in the Philippines and probably for good reason, they are in the shopping centres, hotel lobbies and on street corners and I will admit, it can be just a little scary asking to photograph someone with a weapon, you just never know which way it may go but he was more than happy to have his photo taken.

I hope you have enjoyed the series from the Philippines. It’s definitely a place I would visit again in the future. If you have enjoyed it please leave a like or a comment below and if you want to see the next series, hit the subscribe button.

Until next time, Happy Shooting

No Planet B!

DSC03609Firstly, your safety is paramount. If any protest or protesters become violent towards you or others, including the police interacting with protesters, leave. Your safety is more important and must have a higher value than any photo you take and your safety always come first. No photo is worth you being injured or hurt.

DSC03623Travelling, mainly for work, I had decided that the photos taken during my trip would be to show my family the famous sights of London with no intention of sharing, so I was surprised to stumble across a what looked like a protest,  a peaceful protest, on a bridge, a famous bridge (Westminister Bridge) in London. What an opportunity!


Pushing through the crowds trying to get a feel of what the protest was about I found that there were plenty of photographic opportunities with good light and everyone seemed pretty happy, might be the whacky weed that was in the air, to have their photos taken.

DSC03627Some people will struggle with my next comment, I selected Auto on my camera and started shooting. Why not? Camera companies spend millions of dollars developing incredibly small computers and sensors to work everything out so why not select auto.

DSC03617Documentary and street photography are genres that I have always been attracted to, I find them to be challenging as you have little to no control of what is about to happen and how you capture those moments can be a challenge in itself. Ultimately you want people to feel connected to your images and to possibly inspire them in some small way.

DSC03630Please remember, if you do decide to photograph a protest, remember your safety must come first over any photo opportunities.

Happy Shooting