The Sunday Snap 14

Whilst film photography is not  my main method creating images but rather I find that helps to remain creative whilst reminding you to be cognizant of how many shots you can take. There is no snapping away unless you have a healthy budget to buy and develop film.

DSC_0301 1

Nikon F75, FP4 Ilford, ISO 125, F8, 35mm B&W film

This gentleman is a lovely bloke and was really easy to chat to, which only made it easier to ask permission to take his photo.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday, until next time…..



The Sunday Snap 3

We’re already 3 weeks into the new year and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. I also completely forgot ‘The Friday Snap’ this week although at the very last minute I rembered the 52 week smartphone challenge

and as you may have guessed by now this weeks theme is Black and White.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone created and I look forward to getting my act together in time for next week’s theme.

Until then, happy shooting

My Instagram Week


That’s a Pretty Big Golf Ball



I’ve been in one these four states recently, I’m just not sure which one !


Landed at Home, at long Last


The Filtometer has stopped filtering.


Steel Tree

POTD: Appearing

Meet Phil. Phil is a good mate of mine that I have known for about 10 years. We kick around a fair bit in the Australian outback doing all sorts of crazy stuff but there was no fun to be had this morning as we had to start work early. It was freezing with the wind cutting through our clothes which resulted in putting more clothes on to stay warm. Didn’t help any.

I deliberately underexposed the image and had intended to make sure that it was B&W during post processing to achieve the best effect. To me, Phil looked as though he was appearing out of the darkness.

Have you ever tried to deliberately underexpose a shot to achieve a certain effect ? Would love to know if you succeeded, failed or found ways to achieve the effect without using PhotoShop.