Two legs in a Window

Two Legs in a Window


The Chaos of Mardi Gras

I’m pretty sure someone said ‘Bring a milk crate!’ but didn’t and wished we had because everyone was standing on them and the crowd was about 10 deep. It was impossible to even get close to the front and that’s when I realised that the milk crate would have definitely come in handy. We would have been able to see the parade and all that goes on around it. To add to the Mardi Gras is chaos of not just the people watching but also the people participating in the parade and I highly recommend that you get there a few hours early to get a decent spot or when the roads are closed to get a great spot. 4 Ladies

These 4 Ladies had been up and down the street a few times and I was unsure if they were going to be a part of the parade or they were just having fun, either way they were more than happy to have their photos taken.

2 Mardi Gras WarriorsThe Warriors of Mardi Gras is what I have called them and there costumes were pretty good. I asked them for a quick photo and all 4 stopped so I could grab a quick photo which turned into the crowd becoming the Paparazzi pulling the cameras and phones out taking snaps. These lads were happy to oblige with one woman shoving her phone into my hand so she could pose with them.
Mardi Gras

Even some people who were on their way to the start point of the parade were overwhelmed by sheer number of people who stopped and asked them to pose for photos with them. Happy Girl

And some people didn’t even need any prompting but rather pose for the camera from the start. Hope everyone had a great Mardi Gras and next year I’m bringing a milk crate !

One Scary Woman, An Ordinary Band and a Few Hot Cars

Photographic opportunities such as festivals and local events organised by local councils during the warmer months provide photographers of all skill levels to practice their craft by getting out there and leaning over the barricades (or in my case, jumping it) to get some great shots. Subjects can be vary from people in full costume to bands rocking out their latest hit or classic a car shows with plenty of chrome and horsepower. The Fischers Ghost Festival provides all that and more including rides and fireworks at the end of the night.

Scary Lady - Fischers Ghost

This lady was participating in the parade and drew my attention because her entire group had put effort in to their costumes and make up. I leaned all the way out over the barricade and she looked straight into the lens as I took the shot.

A young Band

The parade wound up at the park which was playing host to a long list of local bands playing but only a few people were actually paying any attention. I only had to battle to other photographers and no crowds to get several shots of this band who were not shy in plugging their latest single on iTunes.
Fat 57 Chev

I never seem to be able to photograph a complete car at car shows and I think that is through the amount of people with their heads stuck in the window or standing around in the background so I lean towards taking close in shots. Hopefully they provide you with feeling of wanting to see more.

Red Studebaker

And remember that never delete straight from camera but always archive your “Rejected” images  after you have downloaded. That way you don’t accidentally delete a good or even a great shot whilst in camera.

A bit of blog lovin

The idea of todays post is to spread some blog loving around to some of the blogs that I have read and commented on in the past week. So please feel free to click on the links and check out their blogs and photos.

The blog Welcome to My Adventures is about some 4wding, geocaching and hiking adventures across Australia and even throughout some parts of the world. Now I enjoy 4wding and getting out into the bush regardless of the time of the year but every now and then the Australian bush will remind you of exactly who is in charge, and its not not you! and it pays to be prepared for an overnight stay at the very least, even in harsh conditions such as snow and freezing conditions. Spoiler alert: They did manage to dig themselves out in the morning with some much needed help from a passer by.

Well, I’m not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination but according to this post titled 7 scintillating blogging facts that blogs are mostly read in the morning and the peak times seem to be around 10 am. I seem to do all my blog reading at night and hopefully after 5 years I should be famous (if I keep going). Looks as though I have some work to do on the famous part.

and I’m not sure that I agreed with the comment posted by tssreviews. The reason behind it is that I have seen first hand how these colouring books have helped people with PTSD. What seems to happen is that they find them soothing or calming and even a distraction to what has been troubling them.  Even my nearly 70 year old mother in-law is hooked on the colouring book craze. She stated that she has found them to be useful in dealing with stress, and even at 68 she seems to have a lot of stress. Doodling or sketching is a little more difficult to achieve and I think that is because most people may feel as though that doodling is time wasting and their sketches are poor. Its comments like these that immediately sparked a response and emotion from me, which is fantastic so I hope that tssreviews continues to post thought provoking comments and comments in the future.

and there is nothing quite like a book review but what blows me away is the sheer number of book reviews that are here on Ajoobacats Blog. I am struggling to read one book at the moment (ok its Game of Thrones and I’m addicted) and I’m not sure how she has the time to read them all. So before I go buying another book I will certainly drop by this blog to read a review first.

So there you go, no photo today but rather some good blogs to check out and well worth visiting.



An Audience, Do I have one ?

This blogging course is killing me already. I’ve spent so many hours today sitting on my backside reading blogs and doing stuff behind the scenes all the while my Wife unloads the car from our holiday/road trip. My Wife does keep saying that its FINE, you just sit there while I struggle with this bag and don’t get up!

I’m not sure what she means by that but its sounds like approval to me, anyway onto the next assignment as I’m pretty sure my dear Wife can handle washing the car. I just hope she remembers to vacuum it as well.  So the assignment today (or rather Thursday’s as I’m still playing catch up) is to write a post to identify my audience. Not easy and as usual I asked myself a couple of questions that need to be answered.

  1. Do I really have one? an Audience that is.
  2. And who is that Audience?

QANTAS Credit Union Arena

I might start by answering the second question first. The audience is people (You) who have an interest in photography either professionally, just starting out or some where in between. Some people might be asking themselves How did he get that shot?, I could take a better photo than that or where is that?

Now to the first question. I suppose this blog does have an audience. There are 160 plus people who have subscribed so that must mean something, right. I suppose it means that I have an audience. Now that was easy.

So you might be wondering where this photo is and how I got it. Well it was taken at the QANTAS Credit Union Arena (us locals called it The Entertainment Centre) which unfortunately has now closed down to make way for an Apartment complex (I’m still gobsmacked by that decision). Fortunately for me I knew the former head of security for the arena and I asked if I could have one last walk around to get some shots. He did more than that, he gave me a guided tour of the place and I saw areas that I would have never have seen and this is the spot where the celebrities/ sports people stand in front of the waiting media. It was surreal to be standing there.

But that wasn’t the assignment at all, I failed the assignment by not achieving the task. (Failure is a very good way to learn especially if it is painful, don’t be afraid of failing) The task, so you are aware was to publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Part of the assignment has been achieved by including the new to you element in it because I provided some context to the photo but I didn’t write a post for my ideal audience member, and that is because at I don’t have a post for my ideal audience member because I’m not 100% sure on how to write that post but there is one thing I’m 100% of, and that is that I will learn as I work my way through this course.

Anyway here’s a hot tip, Always ask if you can go that little further because the worst thing is you could be told is ‘No‘.

Now I need to go and check on the wife, just to make sure she has vacuumed the car out.

Time to Improve (this blog anyway)

Sometime in December 2015 (that was so long a go I know) I saw this post by Wordpress letting everyone know that they were now taking registration details for a Blogging course. The course is called Blogging 101 which is a course to supercharge your blog. Something I need right now.

Now I’ve signed up for this before. I think it might have been two years ago but I sat on the sidelines and watched and while I was watching I was kicking myself that I didn’t participate in the course. Even this year the timing of the start of Blogging 101 course didn’t suit me at all. I was still going to be away with family so right from the start I was playing catch up and I was still kicking myself from not doing this earlier.

While I was away I had a moment of clarity, you know those moments where everything seems so clear, you ask yourself why you hadn’t done that in the first place. After having a good old one way conversation with myself I come up with these three questions that I think I should answer which strangely enough is pretty much the first assignment of the Blogging 101 course.

  • Why, Why do I (or anyone else) blog for that matter?

I’m not so sure that is an easy question to answer and I’ve have asked myself that question on numerous occasions before only to end up in a a familiar place of “I Don’t really know”. The reality of why I blog is that I feel as though I have some thing to say either through the use of words or by by showing the photographs that I have taken.

  • What topics should I include? 

Everyone has an addiction: sugar, smoking, driving fast cars or driving cars fast but one of my two addictions that keeps me awake at night is photography (and 4wding/family adventures though the bush) so the intent is to write and blog about the following:

  1. My journey through The Arcanum and how my photography is changing/improving by undertaking these challenges. Currently Level 17, Sphere 1.
  2. Projects that I have completed or currently undertaking so other people who are planning on something similar may learn from my mistakes (and I make plenty) and everyone else gets to see the results of what I achieved or didn’t achieve.
  3. Thief Images photo shoots. This is something that is not that easy to do at the moment as the site is down and being overhauled (one of those moments of clarity).
  4. And I will be sharing photos that I have taken along the road of life.

These are fairly specific topics and there will be plenty of other ideas along the way.

  • What would I like to achieve through my blog

Always a tough question and its not easy to answer for sure but developing some reasonable goals for blogging that can be achieved every week/month should be completed and these are my four.

  1. Post around two to three times every week. Its not to much that you are spamming peoples inboxes and they loose interest but enough to for me to say what I’m trying to say.
  2. Be able to look back on the year and see that the Thief Images Photography Blog has improved.
  3. Connect with other like mined bloggers/photographers.
  4. Ensure that the Thief Images Photography blog has its own web address.

Well that’s assignment one completed and surprisingly managed to develop some goals, achievable goals along the way.

Happy New Year and let it be a great 2016.