New Camera, new beginning

I had been looking for a new camera for many years and my intention was to buy Nikon again as I had a reasonable amount of lenses but finding that they had grown not just in quality and what they can do but they had also grown in price so I needed to see what else was on the market. What was everyone else using ?

Much to my surprise I discovered mirrorless cameras to be not just good, but excellent. They are light, compact and easy to use and fulfil all my requirements of what I was wanting in a camera. So after a few weeks of scouring the camera shops bargain bins (there are no bargain bins) I purchased a new Sony A7. I know its not the latest model but for just under 2 grand its right for me. Right in price and right in size and usability

And this is the first photo that I took of our little but growing rapidly Border Collie, Scout and I was immediately impressed with the results.

Now I have a renewed passion to get out and shoot

Happy shooting


One Scary Woman, An Ordinary Band and a Few Hot Cars

Photographic opportunities such as festivals and local events organised by local councils during the warmer months provide photographers of all skill levels to practice their craft by getting out there and leaning over the barricades (or in my case, jumping it) to get some great shots. Subjects can be vary from people in full costume to bands rocking out their latest hit or classic a car shows with plenty of chrome and horsepower. The Fischers Ghost Festival provides all that and more including rides and fireworks at the end of the night.

Scary Lady - Fischers Ghost

This lady was participating in the parade and drew my attention because her entire group had put effort in to their costumes and make up. I leaned all the way out over the barricade and she looked straight into the lens as I took the shot.

A young Band

The parade wound up at the park which was playing host to a long list of local bands playing but only a few people were actually paying any attention. I only had to battle to other photographers and no crowds to get several shots of this band who were not shy in plugging their latest single on iTunes.
Fat 57 Chev

I never seem to be able to photograph a complete car at car shows and I think that is through the amount of people with their heads stuck in the window or standing around in the background so I lean towards taking close in shots. Hopefully they provide you with feeling of wanting to see more.

Red Studebaker

And remember that never delete straight from camera but always archive your “Rejected” images  after you have downloaded. That way you don’t accidentally delete a good or even a great shot whilst in camera.

Time to Improve (this blog anyway)

Sometime in December 2015 (that was so long a go I know) I saw this post by Wordpress letting everyone know that they were now taking registration details for a Blogging course. The course is called Blogging 101 which is a course to supercharge your blog. Something I need right now.

Now I’ve signed up for this before. I think it might have been two years ago but I sat on the sidelines and watched and while I was watching I was kicking myself that I didn’t participate in the course. Even this year the timing of the start of Blogging 101 course didn’t suit me at all. I was still going to be away with family so right from the start I was playing catch up and I was still kicking myself from not doing this earlier.

While I was away I had a moment of clarity, you know those moments where everything seems so clear, you ask yourself why you hadn’t done that in the first place. After having a good old one way conversation with myself I come up with these three questions that I think I should answer which strangely enough is pretty much the first assignment of the Blogging 101 course.

  • Why, Why do I (or anyone else) blog for that matter?

I’m not so sure that is an easy question to answer and I’ve have asked myself that question on numerous occasions before only to end up in a a familiar place of “I Don’t really know”. The reality of why I blog is that I feel as though I have some thing to say either through the use of words or by by showing the photographs that I have taken.

  • What topics should I include? 

Everyone has an addiction: sugar, smoking, driving fast cars or driving cars fast but one of my two addictions that keeps me awake at night is photography (and 4wding/family adventures though the bush) so the intent is to write and blog about the following:

  1. My journey through The Arcanum and how my photography is changing/improving by undertaking these challenges. Currently Level 17, Sphere 1.
  2. Projects that I have completed or currently undertaking so other people who are planning on something similar may learn from my mistakes (and I make plenty) and everyone else gets to see the results of what I achieved or didn’t achieve.
  3. Thief Images photo shoots. This is something that is not that easy to do at the moment as the site is down and being overhauled (one of those moments of clarity).
  4. And I will be sharing photos that I have taken along the road of life.

These are fairly specific topics and there will be plenty of other ideas along the way.

  • What would I like to achieve through my blog

Always a tough question and its not easy to answer for sure but developing some reasonable goals for blogging that can be achieved every week/month should be completed and these are my four.

  1. Post around two to three times every week. Its not to much that you are spamming peoples inboxes and they loose interest but enough to for me to say what I’m trying to say.
  2. Be able to look back on the year and see that the Thief Images Photography Blog has improved.
  3. Connect with other like mined bloggers/photographers.
  4. Ensure that the Thief Images Photography blog has its own web address.

Well that’s assignment one completed and surprisingly managed to develop some goals, achievable goals along the way.

Happy New Year and let it be a great 2016.

What do you want me to be ?

This guy was certainly an interesting character. I approached him and asked him for a photo ? His immediate response what do you want me to be ? I must have had a strange look on my face because he said, I can be homeless, a biker or a mean dude. He did tell me that he is asked on a regular basis for photos and many people have asked him to be something like a biker or a homeless guy.

I asked him to just be himself.

What do you want me to be

The Photos on my Phone

I haven’t picked up a proper camera for many months now. I’m not sure why either but it maybe because the camera in my phone is pretty good. I can do quite a lot with the phone like process the image while I’m on the train or having a coffee and the phone is a lot lighter than my DSLR not mention but considerably less expensive as well.

Sounds like I just managed to justify why I shouldn’t buy a new DSLR……….I might need to rethink that. The camera, sorry I mean the phone that I am using at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I quite like it.

Anyway I digress. Here are the photos that are on my phone.

And I’m always posting a lot to Instagram (@thiefimages)

City Apple

Circus is in TownColoured Clamps

Disused Subway Station7 Fingers

Apple Aperture is Dead !

This morning I was saddened to read that Apple had made a statement to The Loop that they would no longer develop Aperture or iPhoto once OS Yosemite ships next year. Much like everyone else who uses Aperture, I have spent hours upon hours working processing thousands and thousands of images, developing a file system that worked, importing presets and eagerly waiting for the next update or big thing involving Aperture.  Apple hasn’t done any real updates to Aperture since Nov 2013 and I have had that sinking feeling that something was wrong. No updates/news means no good news ….right.

Apple have stated that they will introduce a new app called Photos when OS Yosemite is released and that will manage the photo needs of all, professionals, hobbyist, amateurs, basically everyone. It will be cloud based and you will have access to all of your photos all the time across all devices. Sounds great but my wallet is already hurting with the associated cost that will come with it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 1.55.48 pm

So right from the beginning I’m going to call Bullshit ! Bullshit that Apple will make a product that will handle all the requirements for Professional Photographers through to people just getting into photography, I’m simply not buying in to it.  To me, and I’m sure a few other people see, that Apples new Photos app sounds like nothing more than a souped up version of iPhoto and that’s about it. I couldn’t care less if its cloud based due to the cost associated with it. 5 Gig for free isn’t enough for anyone nowadays, 20 gig for free maybe. Most people I know have 5 gig of music and/or photos on their phones, let alone 5 gig of photos stored in a fucking cloud. Not to mention that Apple has given me the impression that they are basing all of the photography apps, wait their only photography app on the iPhone user market. Just add a few sweet filters right ?? Photography is a lot more than that and I am more than surprised that Apple has put all of its (Photography app) eggs in one basket. Apple have also stated that they will continue with development of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro, which, I believe, will also go the same way as Aperture sooner or later.

So now it looks as though I will be either learning to use Lightroom, which after my last efforts left me frustrated and extremely angry, or looking for another “app’ to process and manage my photos and right now Adobe are making a pretty good offer of $9.99 per month for Lightroom and Photoshop in Adobe Creative Cloud.

Apple Aperture is Dead, Long Live Apple Aperture.