The Friday Snap (TFS 2)

Never sure exactly what the artists was trying to achieve with this installation in Cardiff however looking up paid off to capture an image that I now use as a background on my smartphone.

Happy Shooting

The Friday Snap (TFS 1)

We don’t print our photos any more, we don’t put them into photo albums to show family and friends nor do we have slide nights (thankfully). Now we press the digital shutter without thought or consequence, share one or two photos to our favourite social media platform and the continue on with life keeping all the photos that never made the cut.

Have you ever sat down and cleaned out or deleted the photos that are blurry, someone’s head or hand is in the frame. That’s what I did and discovered a gobsmacking number of photos stored on the phone with just over a 1000 remaining in the collection.


Putting some serious thought into what should be done with them all resulted in a idea which is to share the better photos here in a blog post called ‘The Friday Snap’. The requirement must be that they were taken using a smartphone and processed using snapseed or a similiar app.

I hope you enjoy what is to come.

Happy Shooting


The landscape changes almost every day with the seasons, the weather but this day was something special. The reflections on the still water from the clouds in the sky, the radiance from the sun trying to burst through stopped me in my tracks and appreciate what lay before me.


Happy Shooting


The Dog Line

In 1852 the Dog Line at Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania was established and designed to keep the convicts from getting any further up the coast during their escape attempt. The dogs were close enough together to be able to drink out of each other’s water bowl. This sort of worked and many escaped convicts were caught and sent back to Port Arthur Penitentiary to serve the remainder of their sentence out in some pretty harsh conditions.


Today there is a statue at the dog line representing what the dogs would have looked like and I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t like to have come across one of them during my escape attempt.


The penitentiary stands today in all of its glory, You can walk around the site and see how cramped the cells were. Port Arthur is a beautiful place that must be visited.

The Photos on my Phone

I haven’t picked up a proper camera for many months now. I’m not sure why either but it maybe because the camera in my phone is pretty good. I can do quite a lot with the phone like process the image while I’m on the train or having a coffee and the phone is a lot lighter than my DSLR not mention but considerably less expensive as well.

Sounds like I just managed to justify why I shouldn’t buy a new DSLR……….I might need to rethink that. The camera, sorry I mean the phone that I am using at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I quite like it.

Anyway I digress. Here are the photos that are on my phone.

And I’m always posting a lot to Instagram (@thiefimages)

City Apple

Circus is in TownColoured Clamps

Disused Subway Station7 Fingers