Most Popular Post – 2018

I have no idea why but the most popular post for 2018 wasn’t even written in 2018. I originally wrote this blog post in 2011 and to this day, still attracts viewers. Drum roill please, The most popular blog post of 2018 is 12 Real Landscape Photography Tips

DSC_1245 8.13.15 pm

Some of these tips are, to be honest, are real obvious but how many times have you gone out to take photos and not known the tides or worn incorrect footwear, left the torch at home etc. We’ve all done it at some stage and I’m still forgetting something. For example, recently I had to hold the filters in front of the lens because I forgot the filter holder attachment and I knew exactly where it was, at home!

Maybe I should add ‘Don’t forget filter holder attachment’ and change the name to 13 Real Landscape Photography tips.

Let me know in the comments if you have any tips that should be added to the list.

Airport Silhouette’s

I’m never exactly sure as to what is allowed with photography in airports, so like nearly everyone else, the DSLR camera has in the past stayed in the bag. Up until recently I decided that the only way of really discovering what the rules in airports actually are was by asking someone but they all looked terribly busy to me so I decided to just pull the camera out and take some photos and see what happens……

Much to my surprise, I wasn’t jumped on by the fun police and whisked away to some nondescript interrogation room but rather managed to get some shots with this one being the photo that I was happiest with overall. Its pretty hard to overcome camera shake when the person holding the camera is the one shaking.

Don’t Drive Like A………..

Don't Drive Like A .......

Don't Drive Like A .......


These fantastic road signs in the South Australian Outback are pretty much straight to the point and I wish there was more of them around the country. Its just a pity that more people don’t take notice of them and drive to the road conditions and the speed limit.

Rubics Cube


As a kid, I used to either pull them apart to be able to put them together correctly or remove the stickers on the sides to match the colours. I think I may have some trouble doing that with this one. Its huge !

Icons in Summer

Photographers are Eveyrwhere

Icons, they are incredibly hard to photograph. They have been photographed from nearly every angle and all hours of the day and night but I still can’t help myself photographing a famous icon such as the Sydney Opera House. The other thing that I always seem to notice is that when I do photograph these icons, there are photographers everywhere, absolutely everywhere also photographing these great icons.

Happy Shooting




The Sleeping Beast

There is more than a considerable amount of roadworks being undertaken around home at the moment which could only provide that opportunity to photograph some of the plant equipment that is parked around the area. I found this scraper sleeping quietly in the grassy field.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Sydney Opera House

I am probably a bit late for this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument but I’d rather be late than never so here is the Sydney Opera House which is lit up with various themes during the Sydney Vivid Festival and is quite an attraction for photographers who seem to be at every turn and every vantage point.

The Dark Ride

Dark Ride

Country Shows are a pretty good spot to be able to grab some shots of rides, some of the people who attend the show and some of the people who run the rides, these are normally two different types of people. There are also some opportunities to be able to do some long exposure shots of the rides as the whip around. The only problem is that you have to be willing to walk around with a heavy tripod everywhere you go, not to mention that when setting up for shots you need to be on your guard so your gear doesn’t get knocked over in the stampede.

Blurred Alley

Sideshow alley was pretty packed with people so I went in search for a side alley that might have been a little quieter to shoot some long exposures hopefully removing the crowds entirely but it wasn’t to be.

This ride (pictured below) looked pretty scary from a distance but the line up for it was massive. You could stand underneath and get a glimpse of some of the scarred kids faces as they hurtled towards earth. It was pretty funny to watch, especially when they got off the rides and usually back into the waiting arms of their friends as they now had some street cred.

I’m going to throw up !

There was fireworks later that night however due to picking up the dreaded lurgy somewhere the only thing that I really wanted was a warm bed and not the bustling, heaving crowds of a country show so we called it quits early and headed for home.

Let me off, Let me off !

So now I’m off to bed to get some rest. Happy shooting.


Market Life

Love markets, they are full of life and colour with people from all walks of life looking for that bargain or doing their weekly fruit and veggie shop. Some markets have live bands which are fantastic and most have hot food from all cultures which only brings amazing smells and sights. As I took this photo the stall vendor was being told that he had 15 minutes left before he had to close and start to pack up to leave which left him with large amounts of cooked food and a long line of unhappy customers.