The Photos on my Phone

I haven’t picked up a proper camera for many months now. I’m not sure why either but it maybe because the camera in my phone is pretty good. I can do quite a lot with the phone like process the image while I’m on the train or having a coffee and the phone is a lot lighter than my DSLR not mention but considerably less expensive as well.

Sounds like I just managed to justify why I shouldn’t buy a new DSLR……….I might need to rethink that. The camera, sorry I mean the phone that I am using at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I quite like it.

Anyway I digress. Here are the photos that are on my phone.

And I’m always posting a lot to Instagram (@thiefimages)

City Apple

Circus is in TownColoured Clamps

Disused Subway Station7 Fingers


    1. I’m stoked that I’ve inspired you use your phone more. I must admit that phones have sone pretty amazing capabilities nowadays and i would love to see what photos you take.

      Thank you for visiting my blog,

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