I survived without my laptop for a week… just

My graphics card failed and it had to be replaced by the geniuses at the Apple Genius bar. It took a week, a whole week and what a long week it was. I figured that I would be alright because I could use my wife’s laptop or the family desktop but what I didn’t realise was that it was like loosing an arm, and I didn’t know what to do, I felt helpless.

I wandered around the house like a lost dog but at the same time I was keeping a vigil on the home phone, the mobile phone and email as I eagerly awaited the much anticipated call/ email that would let me know that I could pick up my laptop, lovingly hold it again and caress the keyboard and stroke the trackpad.

I had to wrestle my son to be able to use the family desktop, he kept claiming that he had to do a school assignment, I would have been happy that he was doing his homework but the problem with his excuse was that he was on school holidays, so I decided to try and wrestle my wife’s laptop from her. Unfortunately I could only use it after she had gone to bed which was pretty late and I always seemed to have an early start at work. I had once again resumed the wandering of the house, watching the phones and email and ready to pounce like a cat on the slightest hint or whiff of the phone ringing or an email landing in the inbox.

Now I had always been told that “No news was good news”. So late on Thursday, I couldn’t wait any longer so I rang and they were really helpful. The part they were waiting for to come from Sydney had arrived and they said that it would be fixed either tonight or tomorrow night. Whilst I was at work on Friday morning, my wife had received the much awaited phone call. My wife said that I would pick it up on Saturday morning, I was like a kid waiting to open their Christmas presents.

Bouncing out of bed on Saturday morning, missing breakfast and grabbing the car keys I was off out the door. Fortunately for me, my good wife reminded me that I needed to be dressed before I left the house as scaring people closely followed by getting arrested was not really an option. Once dressed, I drove off at a break neck speed, well at the speed limit anyway, now all I had to do was get a car park. There were loads of people trying to get a car park, I mean honestly how many people needed to go shopping on a Saturday morning !.

After finally getting a car park that was not actually in the car park but several blocks away and dodging the crowds (What is it with people dawdling, for the love of God, motivate yourselves people, walk with a purpose !!) I picked up my laptop and carefully carried it to the car like it was newborn child and placed it on the seat, strapping my precious laptop in, I drove home like an old man behind the wheel with people behind me tooting their horns and yelling abuse. I knew I should have put a sign in the back window that said “Laptop on Board”, at least they would have understood why I was so slow.

Now after about three days at home with my laptop caressing the keys and stroking the trackpad I am once at last united with my much loved laptop and all is well again.

Could you survive without your laptop, computer or maybe your phone for a week ?